Our Mission

To educate and empower people to be sexually whole in agreement with God’s divine design.

While most sexuality information and education focuses on “sex” or sexual expression as a physical act, both scripture and science paint a much bigger picture of sexuality. Our primary focus at The Legacy Institute is to create educational materials and messaging that portray the powerful truth about sexuality with broader brush strokes, to encourage people of all ages to live in agreement with their male or female design. This means:

  • From a scriptural perspective, we reveal the essential picture of our sexuality: our creator’s gift of life to us, in our “maleness” and “femaleness,” is the intentional mechanism by which we are to be fruitful, loving, life-giving beings who reflect God’s image in our wholeness.
  • From a scientific perspective, we uncover the essential truth of our sexuality: empirical data from both hard and soft sciences in fields as diverse as biology, neurology, psychology, reproductive health, sociology and anthropology provide “material” support for the theory behind the scriptural model for sexual relationships.
  • From a practical perspective, we bring to light the essential purpose for our sexuality: when we live with sexual integrity, the fruit of everyday relationships is evident in the formation of strong marriages, healthy families and truly progressive communities, all of which help to re-adjust the culture in a positive way.

Presented together, these perspectives offer a more inspiring vision of sexuality and included in all our materials and messaging is the truth delivered with grace that God forgives each of us for choices we have made, and offers healing for wounds we may have experienced. It is never too late to be whole, and choose to live in agreement with our divine design!


What is Sexual Integrity?

Sexual integrity is expressing the gift of our sexuality throughout our whole lives in agreement with God's intentional design. Living with sexual integrity means making smart decision about physical sexual relationships. It means choosing to stay whole as a person, or moving toward wholeness if we've been hurt. But sexual integrity involves more than just making good sexual decisions. It also involves knowing who we are as men and women and choosing the most appropriate and compelling ways to express our male and female natures, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. When we live this way we don't just avoid pain, we become whole, fruitful, life-giving people who offer our broken world a glimpse of the very nature of God Himself. When we live according to our design, we exert real power and influence and are able to truly expand the Kingdom of God, just by being who God made us to be.

At The Legacy Institute, our goal is to be catalysts of cultural change. Our mission, our vision and our statement of faith all point to the truth that our sexuality is more than just a physical act but rather the core of who we are as human beings. When we see our sexuality this way, we begin to think differently and to live differently. We see order and design in our bodies, our relationships and our families and we are inspired and empowered to make decisions that bring life, love and legacy to our world.