Need a do over? Turns out, we all do. Most of us have made relationship choices we regret. Many of us were hurt by someone else’s choice, or challenging life circumstances and we need help to heal. You might be hurting after a break up, or feeling trapped by sexual habits or memories. A lot of us are walking bravely through the consequences of our choices, but likely we need some new tools for our relationship tool belt. No matter your story, we are so glad you stopped by because it takes courage to step toward wholeness. Obviously we don’t know your particular story, but God does, and we believe He has powerful blueprints that will equip you and a special plan to help you become your best! We encourage you to check out the conversations below. We chose these to help get you started, and you’ll find many other conversations with experts on these topics, additional resources to learn new skills and even online workshops, all on this site when you feel ready. We are so glad you stopped by!

Sexual Expression