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Entries for December 2017


Good or God

Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.

Author John Bevere explains how choosing God over “good” will bring transformation and power to our lives. A Vital message for our times!  See: www.messengerinternational.org


Work, Pause, Thrive

How can a woman work, have a family and not go crazy? Do our institutions, workplace and even ministries provide a positive environment for mothers? Using vast research, Author Lisen Stromberg explains why they should!  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Baby You Stole the Life I Wanted?

Why are some women saying they wish they never had their child? Is it depression, or a cultural issue? Writer Jennifer Hartline shares her insight.


Empowering Women

We need businesses that offer equal pay, flexible hours and are designed to help women be successful. Is this even possible? Carrie’s daughter Lindsey stops by with the big reveal!


Without Rival

Author Lisa Bevere explains how God sees us, and how to embrace our true, unique identity and purpose in these confusing times. See: MessengerInternational.org. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Strength With Purpose

Author Cynthia Tobias defines strong women: their strengths and weaknesses, and why the church needs them engaged. Cynthia shares results of a survey of 400 strong women and the results will intrigue you!  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.  See www.cynthiatobias.com.


Why God Made Us Male and Female

Join Carrie as she teaches women about their powerful design and God’s plan for both men and women in relationships. Powerful and a few personal surprises as well! Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Vaccination Cover-Up

Del Bigtree, producer of Vaxxed joins Carrie to share the inside story of the CDC cover up of vaccine damage and autism and the pharmaceutical stronghold hiding the truth. See him in Washington on 3/9-3/11. See: InformedChoiceWA.com.


Dr. Deisher Goes To Washington!

Dr. Deisher gives an update on her current research on vaccines and shares why she thinks President Elect Trump wants to hear the truth about vaccine safety.


Autism & Vaccine Story

Dr. Theresa Deisher shares the latest news on the battle for truth regarding vaccines and autism.  See: Soundchoice.org.


Strip Church & Baristas

Andrea Perun shares her powerful story of personal pain in dating, strip clubs, lesbian lifestyle and ultimately amazing redemption! Hear how she now ministers to strip clubs and baristas. See: www.stripchurchseattle.com.


Sexual Choice Redeemed

Jason Soucinek shares his personal story of teen sexual activity, redemption and his hope for true life for teens everywhere.


How We Teach Sexuality Matters

Carrie reveals new studies showing teens don’t like sex education in schools or the church. Legacy has the solution and you can help us give it away!


Teen Sexual Activity Outcomes

New Research from the CDC shows the overwhelming reality that teens who are sexually active have higher rates of unhealthy behavior in many areas. Some may surprise you. Listen with your teen or college student to hear facts delivered with grace.


Girls and Body Image

Erin Smalley shares a heart-warming journey with her daughter and gives us great insight on how to encourage healthy body image. Inspiring and encouraging!


Is Your Teen Depressed?

A new study shows an increase in teen depression, especially for girls. Counselor Roberta Perno helps us spot signs of depression and how to step in before symptoms escalate. Important!


13 Reasons Why is Popular and Dangerous

Nick Watts cautions all parents about the Netflix series regarding teen suicide. This dark series includes graphic rape, graphic suicide and most teens are watching it. All adults need to hear this show. See: NickWattssoulfood.com.  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Teen Vogue Encourages Sodomy

This teen magazine has crossed the line in a disturbing fashion and sodomy instructions are just their latest indoctrination of teens. Carrie reveals additional facts and offers solutions.


Emotional Intimacy

You are invited to hear Carrie speak to a group of women on the five levels of intimacy, one of her favorite topics and practical for everyone, including men!


A Message to Teen Girls

Sarah Taylor, radio personality with SPIRIT 105.3, struggled in Jr. High like many of your daughters. Her story will encourage you and help you understand girls even more! See: TheLegacyInstitue.com/emilysclub.


True Beauty Bible Study - High School Girls Study

There has never been a more important time to help the next generation of young women understand what it means to be truly feminine, yet strong and empowered.

In this engaging and positive journey through biblical femininity, young ladies will feel valued, inspired, and motivated to be all God intended! Each important chapter (8 in all) of True Beauty uncovers biblical truth in a refreshing way, allowing young women the process of discovery in a group, with a leader or one on one with her mother. For High school and college age young women.


Emily’s Club- Jr. High girls

Imagine a fun setting where women lead junior high girls through activities on friendships, lessons on purity, true beauty, life skills, service projects, and more to prepare each girl for a vibrant, healthy future!

Introducing Emily’s Club, an easy to facilitate kit designed as an after-school club, an outreach or mentoring resource or youth group tool. Emily’s Club helps girls celebrate their God-fashioned feminine design!


Profoundly Positive

How do you paint the most profound & beautiful picture of God’s design – not just for purity but for what it means to be ‘made in His image’? Carrie contrasts a common ‘abstinence message’ with Legacy’s insightful Sexual Integrity message which inspires us all to ‘be what we were created to be’. This is a message you will want to share!


Religious Freedom

Kristen Waggoner with ADF and Barronelle Stutzman, (Arlene’s Flowers) join Carrie to share Barronelle’s story of being sued for not providing flowers for a same sex wedding. Hear the latest on the recent oral arguments before the WA State Supreme Court.


Persecution of Christians

Maureen Ferguson explains the reality of the situation and a new study and video we can all access to help us engage. See: Under Caesar's Sword.


Good News for Religious Freedom

Jeremy Dys, Senior Counsel with First Liberty reports on three important cases recently won, and explains the fundamentals of our religious liberty. See FirstLiberty.org.


Black Self Genocide, What Black Lives Matter Won’t Say

What do we do about the harmful aspects of racism and slavery in America? Bishop Wellington Boone shares his inspiring and Biblical prescription for helping all races come together!  See WellingtonBoone.com. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Fifty Shades of Gray

Psychologist and author Dr. Kim Gaines Eckert explains why the destructive nature of violence and sexuality, power and control and other themes sexuality portrayed in the book and movie are twisting the truth about sexuality and ultimately hurting, not helping women. See: www.drkimeckert.com. Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


How One Couple Recovered from Sexual Addiction

Shelley Martinkus shares the story of her husband’s secret life, how their marriage is recovering and the impact on her own issues. See: RestoringHeartsConference.org.


Help For Pornography

Luke Gilkerson with Covenant Eyes explains the current state of pornography along with resources and help for those struggling, or those helping strugglers. Go to www.covenanteyes.com and sign up for a free month of accountability software by using the code ‘Legacy’.


#1 Counseling Issue

Joe Dallas, counselor and founder of Genesis Biblical Solutions gives practical advice on the #1 issue he is helping people with nationwide, pornography. Hear his biblical, powerful and grace filled approach. See www.joedallas.com.


The Preamble Prescription

Do our founding documents have something to say about our laws, our morals and our lifestyles? Carrie says yes!


Renewing Freedom’s Blessings

Ronald Reagan, Ben Carson, Donald Trump and many more! Author and Founder of The Stream, James Robison, invites us in to his journey of sharing godly principles with leaders for decades - principles we should all understand! See: Stream.org.


Our Constitutional Crisis

Legal professor and author Jenna Ellis explains the original intent the founders had in mind for our constitution and how Divine Law is key in our understanding. See: www.jennaellis.org.  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


The True Jesus

Author David Limbaugh reveals the powerful picture of Jesus written in all 4 gospels and lays the groundwork for understanding and inspiration found in the New Testament! Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Names of Believers

Did you know there are 50 different names for believers in the Bible? Lawrence Wilson shares the great impact this truth can have on our identity.


Maturity in the Church

Dr. Tom Bergler shares his passion for discipleship and research that reveals the most effective church practices. See: From Here To Maturity.


Why Pastors Deserve Honor

Do your pastors know you appreciate them? Pastor George Stahnke helps us see the real pressures of ministry life and how we can love our pastors!  See: ThrivingPastor.com.


Pastors and Depression

Does your pastor talk about depression or mental health? Ed Stezter, Executive Director of LifeWay Research explains the importance of a recent study showing 1 in 4 pastors have struggled with mental illness. Learn how you can help. See: LifewayResearch.com.


Churches Respond to Race

Professor Bradley Wright shares research on how different races are treated in churches nationwide. Eye opening and important research to share with your pastor!


Get Your Joy Back!

Do you have resentment as a special needs parent? Author Laurie Wallin shares how she coped with her challenges and then learned how to reclaim her life and get her joy back! Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Need A Parenting Do-Over?

Youth expert Jonathan McKee reveals the 7 things he would change in his parenting if he had a do-over. Helpful at any age! See www.thesource4parents.com. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Critical Conversations

Author Tom Gilson gives parents a guide to discussing Homosexuality with teens effectively and highlights common phrases often used if you disagree with homosexuality like: You’re a hater or you’re a bigot and how to respond with kindness & truth.  Listen to Part 1 and Part 2.


Mothers Being There

Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar unveils important new research on the role mothers play in their child’s emotional development, bonding, resiliency and security. Important for all mothers! Listen to Part 1 & Part 2.


Relationships with Integrity Lessons – K-HS

Relationships with Integrity is a popular relationship education resource for K-12 students in your school, church or home. Do you have a positive plan for teaching a biblical worldview for relationships? RWI allows you to equip your kids, in your unique setting, on your terms.


Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity – Parents

In a confused culture, this foundational series is key to framing God's divine design for relationships and sexuality!

The Biblical Blueprint for Sexual Integrity (BBSI) is a groundbreaking study for parents and Christian educators. This 7-session DVD series, complete with a thought-provoking study guide, features popular sexuality and relationship expert Carrie Abbott in a profound and entertaining look at God's intentional design for male and female relationships, sexuality, marriage and more!


Blueprints for Sexual Integrity and Identity – Grades K-HS

Biblical Blueprints are relationship truths for growing healthy kids!

Kids of all ages need these foundational truths in their hearts and minds. Similar to framing a house, these blueprints are necessary for their unique design, stability and future growth. You can review each blueprint here online, or you can download a pdf version. These blueprints are our gift to you because all kids deserve to know God’s truth about relationships.

If you would like lessons to teach and cement these blueprint truths, our Relationships with Integrity lessons are designed to do just that. The lessons designed by our team of experts are creative and effective and can be used at home, school, church or club.