Relationships with Integrity Premium Access (One-Year)


K-HS Blueprints Online
K-HS Blueprints PDF -55 Blueprints!
All grades, 50 RWI Lessons!
Unlimited Online Media access – Audio/Video
All Handouts, material lists, banners, activities and even workbooks included!
Bonus! Additional 5 High school Blueprints
Bonus! Biblical Blueprint Parent Online Workshop


Multiple Family/Church/School License

Multiple Family License means you and your organization’s families can copy all 55 blueprints and share them with other parents in your group at any time. You can copy any part of the 50 complete (expert created) RWI lessons and use them with your students and families. You can offer your parents access codes to do the online parent workshops when it works best for them! You can use the media (audio or video) in any setting related to your families. This license gives you the freedom to equip and educate busy parents, creating the important partnership you all want to raise healthy kids!

1-25 families
$99 per year (Only $5 per family for a year!)

25-75 families
$150 per year (Only $2 per family for a year!)

75-150 families
$199 per year (Only $1.33 per family for a year!)

150-250 families
$299 per year (Only $1.20 per family for a year!)

250-500 or more families
$399 per year (Only 80 cents per family for a year!)

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1-24 Families, 25-74 Families, 75-149 Families, 150-249 Families, 250+ Families

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