Biblical Blueprints are relationship truths for growing healthy kids!

Kids of all ages need these foundational truths in their hearts and minds. Similar to framing a house, these blueprints are necessary for their unique design, stability and future growth. You can review each blueprint here online, or you can download a pdf version. These blueprints are our gift to you because all kids deserve to know God’s truth about relationships.

If you would like lessons to teach and cement these blueprint truths, our Relationships with Integrity lessons are designed to do just that. The lessons designed by our team of experts are creative and effective and can be used at home, school, church or club.


K - God is Love

You can teach children about God's love for them, and why they were created as a boy or girl to love others. You will see how to incorporate family as a central focus along with a first glimpse at how loving relationships should work, even at a young age.

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1 - God is Life

You can teach children about the power of life and the author and giver of life, God! Learn how to help them begin to see life around them in new and inspiring ways, and see the value of all life, in particular human life become very real to them.

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2 - God is Spirit

You can teach children about God's Spirit and their own body, soul and spirit. You can teach them to learn how to allow God's Spirit to lead them, and why it is the key to walking by the Spirit, even at a young age. This has lifelong impact!

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3 - God is Light

You can teach children that God is Light and their choices impact both the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness. With your guidance they will understand why walking in the light is so key to all their relationships.

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4 - God is Father

You can teach children about God's role as Father and you’ll learn why a dad’s role is so important in the sexual identity of both sons and daughters. See how our view of God is directly affected by our relationships with our earthly fathers.

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5 - God is One

You can teach kids how to have healthy friendships and create patterns and principles for all relationships, as they grow older. Male and female are defined and their five aspects: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual are introduced.

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6 - God is Holy

You can teach your kids that God is Holy, and how they can live a holy life. Learn how to teach kids to protect their heart and mind, put on the full armor of God and other practical tips for holiness and purity.

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7 - You Are Designed To Be Whole

You can teach tweens how to be whole and how to live with sexual integrity in each of the five aspects: physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual. You can also help them learn how male and female differences and similarities impact relationships.

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8- You Are Designed To Be Life-Giving

You can teach tweens that God is life and He placed powerful design features in their bodies so they are life-giving as well! Fertility for both male and female is discussed in addition how tweens can be life-giving in every aspect of their life!

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High School: You Are Designed For A Great Story!

You can teach teens that God has a great story for their life and how their design as men and women impacts their life and love story. The Legacy Relationship Model for Sexual Integrity is discussed along with bonding, authority and more!

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BBSI Resource for Parents

The Biblical Blueprints for adults teaches God's intentional design for male and female relationships, sexuality, marriage and more! This series is for parents, educators and pastors.

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