At The Legacy Institute, we see parents as the primary sexual educators of their own children. Parents have been given the responsibility to teach their children about the sacred nature of life, the power of authentic love...

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We believe every family should understand God’s powerful, positive truth about relationships and sexuality and we have a plan for you whether your church is big or small. We begin with free material your parents can access...

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We believe every child should have the opportunity to learn about God’s divine design for relationships and sexuality. Regardless of the size of your school, we have a proven plan for you to use in partnership with...

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Our sexuality is more than just a physical act, and it is core to who we are as human beings. When we understand our sexuality in a bigger, more inspiring way we begin to think differently and live accordingly. We become...

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We've done a lot of homework on human sexuality and relationships and we think you'll find we have a positive perspective on the subject! We are fervent advocates for Sexual Integrity - or wholeness - believing that a loving God has given us relationship blueprints that teach us how to live in agreement with His intentional, divine design. While we believe living sexually whole is best, we understand people have their own private journey, consequences, or deep wounds which can fracture their sexuality. Thankfully, God’s positive, powerful truth about our sexuality doesn’t change! We are grateful for His forgiveness, healing and hope in our lives when things don’t go the way we expect, or there is confusion and genuine pain. At Legacy we want to be catalysts for seeking God’s loving redemption in every story, as we deliver truth with grace in all of our messages and resources. We do not judge anyone, because we believe that God’s truth can bring freedom and hope to every story!


  • About Us

    In a culture where everyone wants true love, passionate romance and deeply satisfying relationships, why do so many people seem sincerely baffled...

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  • Our Mission & Vision

    Our mission is to educate and empower people to be sexually whole in agreement with God’s divine design. Our vision is to bring the light of God's truth to all issues relating to our relationships and sexuality.

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  • Statement of Faith

    We believe God is a loving and relational union of Persons, who consists of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and chose to create men and women...

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What have we done?

The Legacy Institute has been equipping the church to live with Sexual Integrity since 2001 through resources, events and radio ministry. How can we serve you?






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A diverse set of topics to strengthen family relationships, communication, parenting skills, personal growth & more!


A variety of topics addressing current world issues, politics, legislative issues, social mores, societal trends and ideas.

Life Skills

A unique mix of personal growth, relationship issues, leadership and work related issues, team dynamics and tools.


Topics to strengthen relationships, pornography, mentoring, leadership, male design, parenting, marriage, friendship and fun!


How to flourish at every age, breast cancer, mentoring, women in the work place, leadership, female design, parenting, marriage etc.

Pro-Life Issues

Current legislation, politics, prevention, restoration and healing, personal stories, Pregnancy Resource Centers, Church resources.


Topics include communication tips, blueprints for relationships, current issues such as vaccines, transgendered bathrooms etc.


Key issues affecting congregations, pastoral health, relationships, research, social trends, leadership, resources and support.

Sexual Integrity

All relationship topics affecting living in agreement with male and female design, healing, blueprints, cultural trends and LGBT.