True Beauty


True Beauty 2.0 Coming Soon!

Help your young woman discover what it means to be truly feminine, strong and empowered!

In this engaging and positive journey through biblical femininity, young ladies will feel valued, inspired, and motivated to be all God intended! Each important chapter (8 in all) of True Beauty uncovers biblical truth in a refreshing way, allowing young women the process of discovery in a group, with a leader or one on one with her mother. For High school and college age young women.

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True Beauty 2.0 Coming Soon!

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Bible Study Contents

  • Chapter 1    Your Quest for Identity
  • Chapter 2    God’s View of Women
  • Chapter 3    Beauty if a Gift from God
  • Chapter 4    The Standards of Beauty
  • Chapter 5    Clothing that Reflects True Beauty
  • Chapter 6    On the Whole…Are you Balanced?
  • Chapter 7    A New Look at Nobility
  • Chapter 8    True Beauty is Kind

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